St. Peter’s United Methodist Church.

We are a small country church with a big heart. Please come and join us.

Beginning on Sunday , August 1, 2021, we will re-start Radio Broadcast on 87.9  and outdoor speakers of the St. Peters 11:00 am  Service.  Masks are currently not mandatory for those who have been vaccinated.  We do request that everyone remain socially distanced at this time.  Please stay tuned to this website, the charge website and the Charge Phone Tree for more updates.   

We are again this year doing Thanksgiving Food Boxes.  Our goal is again 100 boxes.  This ministry has touched a lot of people in the past and we hope to continue. At least for this year, we will remain at $40 per box.  There will likely be an increase in the cost next year.   


Please continue to visit this, the Belwood Charge Facebook page (, and the other Churches sites for further information..

Feel free to come and visit us anytime.

Physical Address: 108 St. Peters Church Road, Lawndale, NC 28090
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 189, Fallston, NC 28042
Church Phone: (704)538-5420
Pastor: Rev. Brian Elwell
Phone: 704.312-6363 (Office), 919-609-5943 (Cell)

Our Mission Statement: To be a church where the Bible is taught, read and preached. To reach out into the community, spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and let Him be our inspiration, model and hope. To keep the Bible as a basis for the activities and outreach of the church.

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